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Contract Notice soon to be published!

The Contract Notice for the Instand-NGS4P Tender has been finalised and will be published on TED in the next few days. The Tender Documents will then be available on the website for

Outcome of the Open Market Consultation

OMC webinars and questionnaires provided valuable insights from patients, users and Solution ProvidersSeveral OMC events were held between March and June 2021 to help refine the clinical, patient and technical needs with

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Partnering Platform opened

Solution providers can present their partnering needs and browse the table to find the right partner to help them provide the optimal solution for the Lot(s) of interest. Visit the platform HERE

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Instand-NGS4P State of the Art Lectures on NGS in Healthcare

  Ivo Gut (CNAG-CRG, Spain) “Experiences with Good Genomic Practice” Sir Mark Caulfield (Genomics England, UK) “100,000 Genomes: Transforming healthcare” When: January 26th 2021, 13:00 – 14:50 CET Where: View the lectures

Florence, October 7, 2020. ISPRO meets Instand-NGS4P

The EU-Instand-NGS4P project presentation at the Istituto per lo Studio, la Prevenzione e la Rete Oncologica (ISPRO). The Istituto per lo Studio, la Prevenzione e la Rete Oncologica (ISPRO) is a body