The University of Manchester (Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine)

Short Name: UM MCGM

Country: UK


Organization description:

The University of Manchester (UM) is the biggest UK university, with a reputation for education and research innovation that reaches across the globe. The UM is committed to research that crosses disciplines, cultures and countries and makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Department of clinical genomics – delivering genomic testing for rare disease and cancer Centre for genetics in Health Care.Academic centre

Lead for NW England Genomic Laboratory Hub


Clinical genomics; Delivery of genomic testing; Interpretation of genomic variation; Research Genomics. Cancer genomics, rare disease genetics, bioinformatics, pharmacogenetics.


World class integrated care pathways across the breadth of specialist services

The Greater Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine is working to transform healthcare delivery by broadening and accelerating delivery of genomic medicine. The centre offers seamlessly integrated Genomic Medicine services of academic and NHS clinicians, counsellors, scientists and researchers (~250 staff) whose operations cover all of Manchester’s hospitals and hence penetrate most mainstream clinical services (e.g. cancer, cardiology, paediatrics and adult medicine).

Delivery of genetic services for rare and common diseases, linked to clinically-accredited genomic testing.

Genomic information is revolutionising healthcare for patients with both common and rare diseases including cancer. MCGM is using state of the art genomic technologies to inform diagnosis, and to direct effective personalised treatment alongside risk assessment and screening of high risk individuals. This leads to improved outcomes for affected individuals and disease prevention and early detection in families.

Integrated translational medicine

By linking genomic medicine services, state of the art clinical trials facilities and proteomics/metabolomics platforms, Manchester’s genomic medicine infrastructure is directly allowing implementation, development and delivery of precision medicine.


Extensive laboratory facilities for delivery of genomic testing

Large scale instruments

Process Equipment – Biological Sample Measurement / Analysis

Other European projects:

Member of European reference Networks for rare disease

Role in the project:

UM-MCGM will contributes its expertise as major genome center providing NGS diagnostics and will be memerb of the buyers group and contributes to WP2, WP3, WP5, WP6, WP7

Key personnel:

Professor Graeme C.M. Black OBE DPhil FRCOphth FMedSci, Male. Academic Scientific Director, NW Genomic Laboratory Hub.

Hon. Consultant in Genomics and Ophthalmology, Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, Professor of Genomics and Ophthalmology, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester.

Main publications and awards:



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Recently designated as NW England Genomic Laboratory Hub