Who we are


The Instand-NGS4P Consortium is made up 18 partners:

7 European leading medical centres from 5 countries as the buyers’ group having major experience in using different NGS platforms in research and routine diagnostics: 

Medizinische Universität of Graz
(MUG – Coordinator and lead procurer  – AT)
University of Florence
ERASMUS University Medical Centre
(EMC – NL)
University of Milano-Bicocca 
University Clinics of Schleswig-Holstein
St. Anna
Kinderkrebsforschung (AT)
Centre Leon Bérard
(CLB – FR, coordinating ERN on
adult rare cancers)

2 European patient advocacy groups, represented by 

Italian Patient Association
European Cancer Patient Coalition
a standardization organization (German Institute of Standardisation (DIN)), partners participating in the European infrastructures: e.g. BBMRI-ERIC with the Technical University of Munich (TUM – DE) and UNIMIB as well, ELIXIR through the Slovenian node, the University of Ljubljana, as well as several partners involved in NGS-related EU programs to cover all technical aspects and transversal needs & requirements: the University of Manchester (Uniman – UK) and the University of Liverpool (UoL – UK) connecting respectively to 100,000 Genomes Project and the UK Biobank with pharmacogenomics; the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI – BE) representing 92 entities, 13 Clinical Accredited Centres and 18 Accredited Comprehensive Cancer Centres, and the University of Helsinki (UH – FI) involved in FIMM network, one SME, BioXPedia, who will act as future potential buyer, and iPRI (International Prevention Research Institute – FR), ensuring transparent communication and dissemination of research worldwide, and the implementation of the Science With and For Society paradigm in the project.