Open Market Consultation (OMC) (now closed)

The aim of the Open Market Consultation (OMC) is to refine the identified clinical and patient needs and to fine-tune the specifications of the NGS workflow, consisting of 4 lots, for the Call for Tender.


Can I apply for more than one Lot? What are the key evaluation criteria? Find the answers to your questions in this list of FAQs

Partnering Platform for Solution Providers

Find a suitable partner to complement your solution using the Partnering Platform

Outcome of the OMC

The results of the Open Market Consultation have been taken into account when defining and fine-tuning the final specifications for the Request for Tenders.

Main lesson learned from the Virtual OMC Event

Check out the attendance at the Explanatory Webinars 

See how users, solution providers and patient associations responded to the Questionnaires


Past OMC Event: Questionnaires to collect stakeholder input

Questionnaires are now closed. Thank you for your contributions!

The questionnaires can be viewed here

Extended deadline for completion: 7th of June 2021

The questionnaires prepared using information gathered during the virtual OMC will be published on the website by the 17th of May to collect detailed information from all the stakeholders (users, solution providers, patient associations), in preparation for the Call for Tenders. They will also allow potential future buyers or bidders (solution providers) to share confidential information with the Consortium. The questionnaire will be sent to a broad stakeholder community including all OMC attendees.

Past OMC Event: Partnering Webinar with pitches from Solution Providers

When: 18th of May 2021 16:00-18:00 CET

Where: Webex – please register by the 13th of May

Solution providers are encouraged to partner with other companies in order to provide an optimal solution for the Lot(s) of interest. This event provides potential Solution Providers with an opportunity to present their partnering requirements.

We welcome presentations of up to 5 minutes in length (max. 3-5 slides).

After registration, you will be provided with further details regarding the format of the event and the time allocated for your presentation.

The presentations will be made available (subject to the author´s consent) on the Partnering Platform (after the webinar), to help Solution Providers find suitable partners.

Past OMC Event: Webinar on the Tendering Process

When: 28th April 2021 13:00-15:00 CET

Do you have questions regarding the tendering process?
e.g. Can I apply for more than one Lot?
What are the key evaluation criteria?

In this webinar, Coordinator Kurt Zatloukal will summarise the goals of the 3 project phases and explain what the Consortium will be looking for during the evaluation process. Participants can then ask questions which will be answered either directly by Consortium Members, or posted in the Question & Answer list on the website after the webinar.

View the webinar recording

Download the presentation

Q&A concerning the OMC and Call for Tender

A virtual meeting held on March 22nd and 23rd was attended by over 175 participants and the presentations can be found below:

Download OMC Presentations

In a second step, collection of feedback will be achieved using a questionnaire (open from the 17th to the 31st of May).

OMC Agenda

Promotional Materials (PIN, Lot Information, Public presentation, Extended summary, Q&A, graphical abstract, OMC Agenda)