Call for Service Provision on "Advancing Personalised Oncology"

The canSERV Consortium announces its first Challenge-Call on "Advancing Personalised Oncology".

Cancer Researchers in, and outside the EU are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with an indicative overall budget of EUR 500,000. The aim of this call is to accelerate knowledge gain in personalised oncology with specific emphasis on multi-level data-based treatment guidance linked to Molecular Tumour Boards1. 
The projects supported under this call will support the advancement and implementation of personalized medicine strategies for all cancer patients in Europe, contributing to the overarching goals of the Cancer Mission Board. 

Proposals for this call should address either of the two challenges: 

A) Data-driven treatment selection for localised tumours with multiple patient-derived data types to support novel treatment and diagnostics. 

B) Precision treatment guidance for metastatic cancer, especially colorectal cancer, based on multiple sources. 

New Submission Deadline: 25th May 2023, 2:00pm CEST

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